The Creative Mind book series

The Creative Mind series explores creative talents and creative expression in terms of personal development and psychology.

A number of topics are included, such as personality, inspiration, self-concept, high sensitivity, beliefs, mental health and mood, fear and courage.

Information from multiple coaches, psychologist, writers and other experts on creativity and personal development is included, plus links to related books, sites and articles.

Accomplished and well-known writers, actors, designers and other artists are quoted on their personal experiences and perspectives on these topics.

Material comes from my weekly column The Creative Mind, published here (on the site you are reading), and on Psych Central, since June, 2010. There is also additional material just for the books.


Book One :

Identity and Confidence

Book: Identity and ConfidenceHow does your identity affect how well you make use of your creative abilities? How does confidence impact your energy and enthusiasm for creative work?

If you are a solo artist or craftsperson, you may sign your work, like Vincent van Gogh did: the book cover image is a detail of one of his paintings.

But even if you do creative work as part of a team and organization, your personality and how you define and think about yourself, your self concept and self esteem, are part of your creative expression.

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Developing Multiple TalentsThe book is about how to more fully realize your creative interests and abilities.

“Photography, painting or poetry – those are just extensions of me, how I perceive things,
they are my way of communicating.”
– Viggo Mortensen

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“Part book about creativity, part compendium of useful tidbits, quotations and research results, and part annotated bibliography, this is a wildly useful and highly entertaining resource.”
– Stephanie S. Tolan, fiction writer and consultant on the needs of the gifted

“Packed full of insights and resources for the creative life, the book offers new ways to thrive
as a creative person.”
– Cynthia Morris, Writing and creativity coach.

For more reviews, excerpts and other info, see About the book.

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