Jenna Forrest on Empowering Sensitivity

Jenna Forrest writes on her site: “Sensitive souls are here to demonstrate how to engage every opportunity life gives us to learn about transparency, humility, patience, diplomacy and tolerance of differences. Demonstrating mastery inside life’s tests and everyday experiences is the only true way that you and I can make old non-loving ways of interaction […]

Interview with Douglas Eby by Linda Dessau

Linda Dessau interviews me, Douglas Eby, about some topics in her [now discontinued] ebook “Ten Ways to Thrive as a Creative Artist” – ~ ~ Resources Recommended by Douglas Eby: Talent Development Resources pages: awareness/thinking articles: awareness / thinking impostor syndrome 10 Steps to Overcome the Impostor Syndrome, by Dr. Valerie Young The Inner Critic, […]

Summer Bishil on acting

In the film “Towelhead,” Summer Bishil plays 13-year-old Jasira, a Lebanese-American girl navigating through her adolescence, including challenges with identity, sexual awakening and self-esteem. In our interview, Summer, who made the film at age 18, and at the time of our interview was 20, talks about a number of her perspectives on her work. “Acting […]