Jessica Chastain and High Sensitivity

Jessica ChastainJessica Chastain is such an emotionally powerful, dynamic and expressive actor, in films including “The Tree of Life”; “The Debt”; “Lawless,” and “The Help,” for which she was nominated for an Oscar.

She is a 2013 Academy Award nominee for “Zero Dark Thirty.”

Chastain has made a number of comments about herself that relate to high sensitivity, as well as being introverted and shy:

“I’m very sensitive in real life. I cannot not cry if someone around me is crying…even if it’s not appropriate. I have that thing in me, a weakness or sensitivity.” Jessica Chastain

“I’m inspired by people who are so sensitive and vulnerable that they try to cover it up.”

[on rehearsals] “They’ll say, Save it, save it. I tell them: Don’t worry. I have a bottomless well of tears.”

“I’m not the girl at the club on the table. I’m going to be the one in the corner, quiet and so I don’t call attention to myself.”

Her comment about “weakness or sensitivity” probably reflects the kinds of disparaging attitudes and criticism many non-sensitive people have about those who are sensitive.

[Wikipedia page on Chastain.]

Feeling intensely

Crying is a form of being intensely emotional that many highly sensitive people share.

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