Linda Dessau on coaching creativity

Linda DessauLinda Dessau, MTA, CPCC is a founder of Genuine Coaching Services; a music therapist accredited by the Canadian Association for Music Therapy, and a Certified Professional Co-active Coach.

In this interview, Linda talks about her work as a therapist using singing and other forms of music, and how she helps people develop through creativity coaching.

She notes, “For the person who’s ready to change, to grow, to look at things that challenge them and try to learn how to do it differently, that person is going to bloom and blossom into their creativity… when we’re blocked by not taking good enough care of ourselves physically, emotionally, we can’t produce the work we were meant to produce.”


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More info, and her free e-course “Roadblocks to Creativity” – see her site:

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One of her books: Write Your Way to More Clients Online.

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