Jacquelyn Strickland – Counseling Highly Sensitive People

Jacquelyn StricklandJacquelyn Strickland is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Coach and workshop leader based in Fort Collins, Colorado. Her approach specializes in blending therapeutic principles and coaching strategies with a spiritual foundation.

“The idea of acting versus reacting is so important for highly sensitive people, because we do take in so much from our environment. I like to use the idea of mindfulness…

“Be aware of ways in which we can be overstimulated.. it’s not that overstimulation is a consistently bad thing; it’s like, what is that optimal level of arousal? If we’re understimulated, we’re bored; if we’re overstimulated, we get too much cortisol in our system…”

She also talks about Dabrowski and excitabilities versus high sensitivity, and how HSPs can empower themselves, including connecting with others, such as at the HSP gatherings co-created by Jacquelyn Strickland with Dr. Elaine Aron.


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[NOTE – In the interview, I may refer to “Inner Talent Interviews” – that is a discontinued site, replaced with this section of The Creative Mind site.]

Learn more about Jacquelyn Strickland’s work at her site:
LifeWorks Counseling and Coaching Services.

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Photo is from her Facebook page: HSP Gathering Retreats.

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