Susan K. Perry on writing and flow

Susan PerrySusan K. Perry, Ph.D., is author of the books “Loving In Flow,” the Los Angeles Times Bestseller “Writing In Flow,” and four other nonfiction books, at least 700 articles and essays, and a novel.

She is also a social psychologist with expertise in relationships, and is a writing consultant and online instructor.

In our interview, she talks about the ‘busy mind’ and being distractible, and how that may be different in writing fiction, compared with nonfiction. Also, about how fear impacts writing, and helpful attitudes to have about ourselves when creating.


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[NOTE – In the interview, I may refer to “Inner Talent Interviews” – that is a discontinued site, replaced with this section of The Creative Mind site.]

Learn more about Susan and her husband, poet Stephen Perry, at

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One of her books: Writing in Flow“Creative individuals – painters, sculptors, physicists, musicians … have left many accounts of what goes on in consciousness during the creative process.

“But writers have the advantage of being able to describe this process in their own medium, in words. This brings their accounts to reflect much closer the actual mental process, so that in reading some of the excerpts Perry quotes one can almost imagine oneself being in the place of the person writing.”

[From the Foreword by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.]


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