Cynthia Bain on teaching young actors

Cynthia Bain with Emma RobertsCynthia Bain has been training young actors for 10 years and has established herself as one the premier coaches and performance consultants.

Her students include some of the top young performers in film and television.

In our interview, she addresses a number of questions, including :

How important is it for your students to have fun?

Do you find your students also get a kind of therapeutic benefit from acting?

How much is your work about helping young actors understand themselves, not just acting techniques?

[Photo: with Emma Roberts (right) on the set of the TV series “Unfabulous.”]

Cynthia Bain says of her approach to teaching, “You can’t create in fear. I disagree with that methodology of teaching where you have to be critical or shaming. I don’t think people do their best creating in an atmosphere of fear.

“I’m challenging, I have high expectations, I want them to work hard, to be in it to win and do their best… I’m honored that they trust me with their emotions, and that this is their desire, their passion.”

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Article publié pour la première fois le 07/12/2008

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